Helsinki Wedding With Museum of Natural History and a Tram Ride

It was the most perfect spring wedding day of 2018 in mildly warm Helsinki. Heidi and Ilkka met each other on their wedding morning at the rocks next to their own apartment. It was windy and the ground smelled like spring. And for all you non-Finns reading this. After hibernating for months in the darkness, when spring finally comes, we can actually smell it!

Soon after their wedding Heidi and Ilkka were about to take off to their honeymoon in South-Africa. Therefore, we decided to take their wedding photos in the gorgeous Finnish Museum of Natural History in Helsinki. If you ever visit Helsinki, please take a look at this place! Luckily we were able to avoid the big tourist groups that day, and  had the big staircases all to ourselves. And those gigantic old windows! Seriously, the perfect light!

This was such a cool downtown Helsinki wedding. The icing on the cake was an old tram that transported all the guests to the wedding venue. Not to mention it taking a spin around Helsinki explaining the most important places for the happy couple. Where they met, where he proposed… Finally the tram stopped in front of the magnificent venue Ballroom G18 and the party was ready to kick off!

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