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Hey, it's me!

Hello You, welcome to my website! I'm Henna and currently live and work in Helsinki, Finland. I don't particularly like to use the word "style" in photography, but if I'd have to I would describe it emotional, intimate and artistic. I love to shoot weddings and couples here in Finland or around the world.
But enough about me, I wanna hear about you! So shoot me an email, wave at me on the street, say hello, drop a line or two, or even a WhatsApp message.


My photography is all about carefully combining different art elements to create memorable and unique images for you! I am obsessed with light, shadow, depth of field, texture, space, movement, composition and rhythm.

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I am an image-maker first, photographer second. And I make images for a living. As an image-maker and photographer I believe in having a strong understanding of your craft. I have spent years investigating depth, focal plane, composition, light, rhythm, content, and countless other art elements. My art is well-crafted and planned. Curated for YOU.

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My art is very personal, to me, and to my clients. I create intimate, calm, and unique images with strong human connection. I’m all about the connection! The connection of my couples and the connection between us.

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As an artist, my number one goal is to evoke feelings and emotions in my viewers. I don’t create what I call “typical-wedding-photos”. I make images that make you stop, make you think. When you look at my images, you not only see emotions in my subjects, but also see the story, the narrative, and depth.


I mean WOW! We were both tearing up as we looked through the images. We feel so lucky that it was you who documented our wedding day! We had such a calm and relaxing feeling during the entire day because you were with us. BIG thanks for that! These photos are something unreal, we cannot even comprehend that!

Ida & Jussi


One more time thank you Henna for documenting our day. You are very skilled photographer and an awesome character! In addition, you made us feel so comfortable and relaxed during the portrait session. And the photos are great!! So nice to be able to go back to the wedding day moments and feelings! THANK YOU!

Rekina & Jarno


"Thank you million times Henna! We are very happy with the result and we have been looking at the photos many times already. Many of our guests commented how genuine and considerate you were. Once again, thank you. You are very talented and we will be recommending you to anyone who is looking for a wedding photographer."

Stephanie & Hannes


"OH MY GOSH! We are obsessed!! Henna you are SO TALENTED & I love how you captured our connection! Thank you thank you thank you! These are so special and we will cherish them!"

Mycah & Bobby, USA


Thank you Henna million times!
Last summer I was a guest at one of the weddings you photographed, I thought if I ever get married I want you to document our day. When we got engaged there was one thing I was sure about: To have you as our wedding photographer. I am so happy this dream came true.

It has been more than amazing to work with you and a pleasure to watch you work. You have exceeded our expectations!

Johanna & Tomi


Thank you once again for your amazing work!
We have looked through these images over and over again. You have captured our day so beautifully filled with emotions and moments. You also created a relaxing and comfortable moment for us during our portrait session. We are so happy you were the one documenting our day, and we got so many great memories from you!

Thank you thousand times and we hope to see you again in the future!

Pauliina & Lauri

Henna Koponen Photography

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