Documentary Wedding Photography

I am a storyteller. My goal as a wedding photographer is to capture a full narrative of the most special day of Your lives. I am specialized in documentary wedding photography with an artistic touch. I love natural light, purposeful blurriness, hard shadows, and strong contrast.


- 8h coverage of documentary wedding photography
- "Get to know one another" meeting (face to face or via phone)
- Official wedding portraits (1-2 hours)
- Detailed location scouting and planning of the portrait session
- Wedding ceremony documentation
- Wedding venue documentation
- 400-600 edited images (delivered digitally in high resolution, jpg-format)
- 6 month access to a password protected online gallery
- Travel expenses in the capital city area

1990 € (inc. VAT. 24 %)


Additional extra hours are always available. Many of my clients choose to take additional photography hours to make sure their morning preparations or late night partying are fully documented.

0 Weddings shot each year in Finland & Europe
0 Images delivered per wedding
0 Hours spent on planning each wedding photography
0 Sketches & drawings ever made for wedding portrait planning
0 Years in the wedding photography business

Confirming the Wedding Photography:

Booking Fee:
Booking fee of 600 € (non refundable) will be paid as a reservation for wedding photography.
The booking fee will be deducted from the total amount of the photography package.

Wedding Photography Contract:
My wedding photography contract covers detailed descriptions of all the necessary parts (inc. copyrights, editing, photo publishing etc.) During the booking process, I will send a copy of my wedding photography contract for you and your partner to sign electronically.

"Get to Know One Another" Meeting:
I always want to meet you guys before hand, hear your story, enjoy a cup of coffee and just laugh. It is a good time to sit down and have a little planning session for your wedding day approximately 1 month prior your big day.


• When should we book you for our wedding?

My bookings vary each year. Usually I book weddings approximately one year prior to your wedding day. However, there is always a possibility your day is still open in my calendar. Don’t hesitate to send me an email and ask, even if it’s short notice!

• How long have you been shooting weddings?

Year 2018 was special for me, my 10 year anniversary! So the answer is over a decade.

• Where do you find your inspiration for weddings?

My main inspiration comes from YOU! I am always interested on my clients, their lives, story, background and personalities. Additionally, my biggest inspiration comes from light. I am always seeking for that perfect light to capture together with you two. I love strong contrast and funky shadows. I believe light creates the mood, surroundings and depth for your images in a very unique way. My main focus is to build your wedding day narrative using only natural light.

• How long will it take you to deliver all the edited images?

Depending on the season it may take me a while getting your wedding day images ready. Usually it takes me 2- 4 weeks to have all of your wedding day photos edited. During the season peak it might sometimes take me longer to get all the photos ready for you.

• Can we see any sneak peeks of the images right after our wedding?

Of course! I usually post few sneak peeks on social media within 24 hours of your wedding.

• Can we have the RAW-files from our wedding day?

All photographs are made, not taken. I want to stay true to my own vision and style, and always only deliver finished images. I never give out unedited RAW-files.

• Do you shoot black and white images?

I photograph all the images in color. As you receive your final set of photos there will be some black and white images as well. I see your wedding day as a story. Some images just simply work better when in color and others in black and white.

• When would be a good time for us to meet and fully plan the wedding day photography?

Let’s grab a cup of coffee and get to know each other! Usually it is a good time to have a little photo-planning-sesh approximately one month prior to your wedding day.

• What gear do you use?

My main gear includes 2 x Canon 5D mark IV bodies and a set of different lenses. If I want to go crazy I even take my old baby 35 mm film camera with me. If you have any special requests on shooting on film. Don’t hesitate to ask!

• We are unsure if we want our photos posted on social media. How do you accommodate in situations like this?

As a photographer, my one and only way to market myself is my photos. And that's how you guys found me as well! In my wedding photography contract I
specify the photographer's rights to publish images. I always stay discrete when posting images on social media, and never publish images with sensitive nature. Usually, I publish 1-5 images on my Instagram page and occasionally bigger sets on my website. If you have questions regarding this, don't hesitate to ask about it and let's talk it through!

• Why should we choose you to document our wedding day?

Because you want soulful images with an upbeat touch....and I'm the best third wheel you'll ever have ;)