Artist, an athlete, coffee lover... what I'm all about.


It was my first year as a student-athlete in South-Carolina, USA. I had left home and decided to go play college basketball. By strange coincides I ended up finding myself in one of the photography courses at my college. I was surrounded by art majors who all gave me suspicious looks. I could see them thinking: ”What is that basketball player doing in this photography course?” Our professor started the introduction. After I had told my name and athletic background he stated: ”Some of the best students I have ever had are either foreigners or athletes. Welcome along!” This very same professor was the one who made me find my love for photography. He became my mentor and a lifelong friend.


I am a fine art photographer who lives and works in Helsinki, Finland. I have photographed weddings and couples for 10 years now (a decade, wohoo!), and I absolutely love it. My not-so-secret guilty pleasures are disgustingly romantic comedies and Real Housewives series. Me and my boyfriend watch stupid youtube videos in bed and sleep under one gigantic blanket. I own more than 15 houseplants, and openly call myself as "the crazy plant lady". Behind the closed doors I am also a CrossFit-fanatic and absolutely love training hard. (My closest friends give me crap about this.)

My photography is about documenting you and your boo in the middle of the most awkward and silly things. You two, the things you love, and all the smoochies. That's what I'm all about. I wanna see you snuggle and giggle, sing out loud, chase each other madly, curl up under the same jacket, or even go skinny dipping in the freezing cold water.

But enough about me. I wanna hear about YOU!

Brändivideo valokuvaajalle Henna KOponen

My Approach

I make carefully curated, designed and planned art of YOUR wedding. My work is the evidence of my love of light, intimacy, composition, form, and space. As your photographer, I promise you art; of you two, made by me. I believe in the power of narrative, a story. My work offers you fragments of your narrative, and visual evidence of your story highlighting the true human connection and raw emotion between you two.

My approach on wedding assignments is full trust and freedom. I don’t get goosebumps when thinking about “the traditional and correct way of shooting weddings”. However, I’m passionate about making images of you two you never thought would be possible to make. I’m always engaged with my work. I treat every wedding as a unique, sophisticated, and carefully completed chapter, and my job is to make that visible for you.

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