Honeymoon in Stormy Lapland, Finland

Sara and Mat got officially married in winter 2019. However, they never had their official wedding photos taken during the day. They chose Finland as their honeymoon destination, and what better place to travel for snowy re-wedding-photos than way up north to Lapland. I was excited to take a flight from Helsinki to Kittilä, and meet them in their Aurora Hut for the photo prep. They stayed in the Northern Lights Village near the Levi “mountain”. (To be honest, it’s more like a hill than a mountain really.)  Sara had spent over 150 hours hand-knitting their wedding garments and her own wedding dress. And the pieces were perfect for the snowy landscape!

For the honeymoon photos, we both had an idea of those figure-like icy trees, pink sunset and crispy snow. Well…we didn’t get that! We got a visibility 0 situation with strong and cold wind. However, we still drove to the Levi summit and decided to complete the shoot. It actually ended up being a fantastic experience with definitely not-so-traditional wedding photos. I loved every minute of it! The more extreme the shoot, the more creative I get! Afterwards, Sara and Mat wrote to me, and said how they never considered themselves as the typical couple with typical wedding photos. So in reality, they definitely got unique and adventurous photos that look like them two!

Would love to document you two. Click below to see more information on wedding photography.

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