What to Wear for a Couples Shoot?

What is What-to-Wear Guide?

Every day I have harder and harder time of choosing what to wear! Not to mention if I'd have to choose an outfit for a shoot. so I know the feeling you're having right now! So don't worry! This guide will help you choose the outfits that work the best for you, and our shooting location. The most important thing is that you and your boo look like yourselves and feel comfortable. So let's drop all the fuzz and keep it simple!

What to wear for a couples shoot?

Look Like You!

When choosing your outfits for the shoot, the key thing is to look like you. I don't want you guys to stress about what to wear and run around stores to find the perfect outfits. Usually the best clothes are your most trusted and used pieces, your go-to-outfits.


The outfit choices for couples shoot depend a lot on the location we have chosen for our shoot. However, there are certain colors that work the best in various locations. Usually the earthy and neutral colors are just perfect!. Neutral doesn't only mean blacks, browns and grays, but you can find neutral tones from all the other colors as well. My personal favorites are forest green, navy blue, burnt orange, mustard yellow, maroon red and so on. These tones will reflect light beautifully, and make your skin glow!

For a light, pale skin I would recommend to avoid neon colors, and really bright oranges, greens, and pinks. These tones work the best with a bit darker skin tones.

Mitkä vaatteet sopivat parhaiten kuvaukseen


This works like a dream:
The smaller and more subtle patterns you have in your clothes, the better!

This is a definite no:
Big, chunky and crazy patterns and shapes are usually very distractive and take the focus away from you two. Also, when combining different patters together, be careful not to go overboard. If your uncertain about this, shoot me a message and let's plan your outfits together!

Kuinka pukeutua parikuvaukseen?


Yay! Windy day for our shoot!
I loooove movement in photography. In couples shoot it's important that you guys feel comfortable moving around in your outfits. So I highly recommend choosing clothes that allow you to go a lil crazy, jump around, chase each other, and run like maniacs.
Also, if we get lucky, we might have some wind during our shooting day. So flowing dresses and flying hair is a definite must!


Hats, sunglasses, jewelry, scarves etc. are a great add to your outfits so bring them along!

Other shooting props don't need to be cheesy and tacky. I think the best props are the ones you would take with you anyhow. Skateboard, puppy, bicycles, picnic quilt or even take-away coffees and ice-creams.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many different outfits should we bring to our shoot?
Usually 2-3 different outfits is enough. Just remember to take outfits that are easily changeable.

What if we can't decide what to wear?
Shoot me a WhatsApp-message, call or an email and lets tackle this problem together.

How about logos in outfits?
Usually logos can be distracting but there are some exceptions. Send me few images of the logos you have in your outfits and we can choose together.

We just bought matching outfits. Can we wear those?
Primarily, I would not recommend wearing matching outfits in your shoot. Yet again, it will be distracting and take the focus away from you two to your outfits.

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