BLACK ‘N’ WHITE Preset Pack

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Oh those black-and-whites! We all love them, don’t we? For years, I struggled with my black-and-white editing, and thought just a one click in Photoshop would be enough. When I started to create my own BW-presets, a whole new world opened up to me. There’s just so many different moods, and feels you can create with BW’s and after polishing my favorite BW-presets, I have never looked back. At it’s best, black-and-white edit takes your viewer to another word, to another story. It enhances your wedding day narrative, and highlights the storyline. These black-and-white presets are very dear to me, and I use all of them on a weekly bases.

This package includes 5 black-and-white-presets + 3 extra ones (which are also included in the MOODY ME Preset Pack). Black ‘n’ White Preset Pack works with Lightroom Classic. 

Black ‘n’ White Preset Pack includes 5 + 3 black-and-white presets for Lightroom Classic. Just adjust the exposure/contrast and you’re good to go!

01 Moody Me Original BW (extra)
If color doesn’t bring anything extra to the image, make it black-and-white.” This is my number one ride or die preset when I want to make my images black-and-white. And oh boy do I use this a lot! 

02 Intimate BW (extra)
My go-to black-and-white for intimate home stories and low light situations. Includes a lot of contrast, just bring up those highlights and you are good to go! 

03 Melancholy BW (extra)
Ahh this one brings back memories! This was my go-to black-and-white for years! It is crispy and sharp, just enough contrast and a hint of warm pink. This was my favorite before I fell in love with grain. 

04 Rainy Day BW
You know that foggy, hazy and gloomy gray you can see everywhere on a rainy day? This preset brings just enough of smoky and grainy touch to your photos, not to mention a touch of soft contrast. 

05 Film Noir
This preset takes you straight back to the 1950’s. It’s cinematic, tasteful, and screams Hollywood glam! Film Noir BW works like a charm with images full of contrast. Feel like you need to add more? Go ahead!

 06 Film Look BW
We all love that good ole film-look. It’s light, full of grain, and brings back so many memories. This preset makes you want to dig your old medium format camera and start shooting!

07 Platinum BW
This preset is literally as light and airy as a black-and-white can get. It has subtle paleness to it, with a hint of sophisticated medium contrast. 

08 Crispy Clear BW
It is sharp. It is crispy. And it is edgy. This preset is perfect for medium contrast images you want to finish with sophisticated and clear look. 

*Please note that we tend to photograph in very different lighting situations, and during different times of the day. Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as a “one click to fix them all”. Therefore, if your photo doesn’t look perfect right away, don’t worry! By just simply adjusting EXPOSURE and CONTRAST, you might be able to fix your photo and get the look you want.

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