MOODY ME Preset Pack

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Moody Me Preset Pack by Henna Koponen. Including 6 different presets (3 color and 3 black-and-whites) specifically designed to work in different lighting situations. These presets were born from passion, perseverance, and creativity. My signature presets have been an essential part of my editing process for years, and evolved over time. Now, I’m ready to share these with you!

These presets works with Lightroom Classic.

Moody Me is my go-to Preset Pack inspired by different light situations. 3 color presets and 3 black-and-whites for you to use in your own images. Just adjust the exposure/contrast and you’re done! These presets work with Lightroom Classic.

01 Cinematic Warm:
Perfect for the golden hour light.

02 Cinematic Cool:
Just enough boost for that blue hour magic.

03 Cinematic Dream:
Hazy, soft, dreamy and creamy.

04 Moody Me Original BW:
Warm black-and-white with grain.

05 Intimate BW:
Cool and contrasty with grain.

06 Melancholy BW:
Sharp and crispy with a hint of pink. No grain.

*Please note that we tend to photograph in very different lighting situations, and during different times of the day. Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as a “one click to fix them all”. Therefore, if your photo doesn’t look perfect right away, don’t worry! By just simply adjusting EXPOSURE and CONTRAST, you might be able to fix your photo and get the look you want.

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